Medical beds

Classically designed or made to measure, our wide range of medical beds is designed to meet your needs regarding comfort, style, safety and quality. All of our HMS-VILGO medical beds have been awarded the Origine France Garantie label (the only certification label of the French origin of a product). All our beds are certified by an accredited body conforming to standard NF EN 60601-2-52 for beds for medical use.

Medical beds

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Euro 1000

Euro 1000

Quite light, easy to mount, dismount and user friendly.

Euro 1400

Euro 1400

Modern with "S Mod" or "Main courante" end boards .

Euro 1600

Euro 1600

Low height adjustable bed (min 25 cm) with curved chassis .

Euro 1802 RAL 1013 with
Premium plus end boards

Euro 1800

Low height adjustable bed (min 25 cm).

Euro 3000

Euro 3000

Classic range of sturdy and comfortable medical beds.

Euro 3800 - RAL 1013 with S'Mod end boards - central castor braking

Euro 3800 Range

Ultra-low bed designed to provide users safety and reliability (min 21 cm). Curved chassis that enables hoist and over bed table access.

Euro 3502 - RAL 9006 with S’Mod end boards,
in anti-trendelenburg position

Euro 3502 Range

Anti-trendelenburg bed that allows patient with limited mobility to comfortably achieve a near seated or "chair" position.

Euro 5202 - RAL 1035 with S'Mod end boards - Anti-trendelenburg position

Euro 5202 Range

Bed designed with the tilt angle adjustment, either trendelenburg or anti-trendelenburg positions (min 25cm).

Euro 5302 - RAL 1019 with S'Mod end boards - Trendelenburg position

Euro 5302 Range

Bed designed with the tilt angle adjustment, either trendelenburg or anti-trendelenburg position, 8 castors .

Euro 5402

Euro 5402

Bed designed with the tilt angle adjustments, either trendelenburg or anti-trendelenburg positions, central castor braking.

Euro 9002 - RAL 1013 - with Main Courante end boards

Euro 9000

Range of high-end nursing beds with distinctive appearance and professional features, concealed castors in wooden feet .