Medical beds

Classically designed or made to measure, our wide range of medical beds is designed to meet your needs regarding comfort, style, safety and quality. All of our HMS-VILGO medical beds have been awarded the Origine France Garantie label (the only certification label of the French origin of a product). All our beds are certified by an accredited body conforming to standard NF EN 60601-2-52 for beds for medical use.

Medical beds

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Euro 1600

Euro 1600

Low height adjustable bed (min 25 cm) with curved chassis .

Harmonie Twice LM 3260 W - Main courante end boards - RAL 1015

Euro 3000 Harmonie Twice

Various widths available : 140 cm / 4'6'' - 160 cm / 5’ - 180 cm / 5’9’’ and 200 cm / 6'6" .

Euro 1802 RAL 1013 with
Premium plus end boards

Euro 1800

Low height adjustable bed (min 25 cm).

Euro 3502 - RAL 9006 with S’Mod end boards,
in anti-trendelenburg position

Euro 3502 Range

Anti-trendelenburg bed that allows patient with limited mobility to comfortably achieve a near seated or "chair" position.