Easy chairs & Commode chairs

Our easy chairs have an ergonomic and sturdy design with various adjustments possible and meet all intensive usage requirements.

Easy chairs & Commode chairs

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Quiego 800

Quiego 800

Relaxing armchair with fixed backrest and fixed armrests .

Candy 250 - M4 black - Burgundy

Candy 250

Commode chair with 4 braked castors and fixed armrests .

New York chocolate

New York

3 funtions lift chair : seated, lying reclined position and lift.

Gentiane - M4 Blue - White


Fixed height commode chair with fixed armrests .

Quiego 3000 - M1 Grey

Quiego 3000

Relaxing armchair on castors, fixed backrest .

GR 92 - M4 black - Burgundy

GR 92

Fixed height folding commode chair with retractable armrests.

Gentiane PR

Gentiane PR

Commode chair, height adjustmen t and fixed armrests .

GR 10 - M4 Blue - Pastel Grey

GR 10

 Fixed height and fixed comfort armrests .