Alzheimer beds

Alzheimer beds

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Euro 1600

Euro 1600

Low height adjustable bed (min 25 cm) with curved chassis .

Euro 1802 RAL 1013 with
Premium plus end boards

Euro 1800

Low height adjustable bed (min 25 cm).

Euro 3800 - RAL 1013 with S'Mod end boards - central castor braking

Euro 3800 Range

Ultra-low bed designed to provide users safety and reliability (min 21 cm). Curved chassis that enables hoist and over bed table access.

Euro 5302 - RAL 1019 with S'Mod end boards - Trendelenburg position

Euro 5302 Range

Bed designed with the tilt angle adjustment, either trendelenburg or anti-trendelenburg position, 8 castors .

EURO 9302 - RAL 1019 with "S'MOD" end boards (White wood work)

Euro 9300 Range

Range of high-end nursing beds with distinctive appearance and professional features, concealed castors in metal feet , manual central castor...